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Fleurons du Québec

Residents, traders, institutional circles and the municipality have just obtained their 5th Fleuron and the City becomes the 4th municipality of Quebec to deserve it!

“Thanks to the commitment and creativity of residents, traders and institutions. Their efforts have increased the score considerably which has allowed our community to obtain this recognition which is very rare, namely the 5 Fleurons, and which translates into a spectacular horticultural embellishment. CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU to make our city greener and flowery” Said the Mayor Luc Brisebois.

During their visit on August 18, the classifiers of the Fleurons du Québec visited 60 % of the territory of Mont-Tremblant and evaluated five areas according to the flowing criterias: cleanliness, maintenance, variety of horticultural elements and the visual state of the municipal landscape.

Notes 2007 2010 2013 2016
Municipality efforts 81% 84% 85% 90%
Residents efforts 50% 50% 57% 73%
Institutions efforts 66% 63% 69% 73%
Industry and trade efforts 48% 48% 64% 76%

Community initiatives and

sustainable development of the ville
85% 95% 95% 100%

2016 report (in French)

What is the Fleurons du Québec program?

Launched in 2006, the Fleurons du Québec horticultural classification program has been an immediate success and has grown ever since: it now includes 35% of the province’s municipalities and more than 48% of Quebec’s citizens. For a list of classified municipalities and more information about Les Fleurons du Québec, visit the [...].

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