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Socioeconomic profile

A booming economy

Mont-Tremblant, the unique

Eighteen years after its creation, Mont-Tremblant is a unique, incomparable town. Its footprint  is 235 square kilometres in area and comprises mountains and a hundred lakes, seven of which are sizable. There are 260 km of roads, 300 km of waterways. It also has five major hubs and public transit.

Mont-Tremblant is the smallest municipality with public transit. It was implemented to facilitate the movement of workers within the area,, as it does, in addition to allowing visitors to see the territory freely, comfortably and at low cost!

Mont-Tremblant has three client groups: close to 10,000 residents, as many vacationers/seasonal residents, and about 3 million of visits per year.

Mont-Tremblant, the incomparable

A municipality with a population of 10,000 normally manages an annual budget of about $11 million. Mont-Tremblant’s annual budget is about $38 million.

A municipality with a population of 10,000 usually generates a land value of around $900 million in municipal assessment. In Mont Tremblant, it is $3.8 billion.

The economic engine: tourism and vacationers

There are numerous recreational facilities of international calibre and they are developig at a pace that’s unique in eastern America: Tremblant Resort, six golf courses, Parc national du Mont-Tremblant, Domaine Saint- Bernard, Le P'tit Train du Nord linear park, Mont-Tremblant aquatic complex, etc.

Originally, the area became developed because of vacationers/seasonal residents in holiday cottages on the shores of Lac Tremblant, Lac Ouimet, Lac Mercier and more. The tradition continues, and vacationers now double the resident population.

With an economy focused on tourism and vacationers, Mont-Tremblant is experiencing a spectacular economic boom: records being established in job creation, investments and housing starts for close to ten years.

Estimate of spending by vacationers in the MRC des Laurentides (in Frenh)

The Ville de Mont-Tremblant has adopted a strategic vision for development consistent with the continuation and preservation of its assets:


A major centre, open to the world, which cares about the
quality of life of its citizens and whose mission is to provide
effective, efficient and diversified services in order to
ensure fulfillment and a sense of belonging.

It promotes balance and harmony in all
its spheres of action and contribution.

It constantly improves the Mont-Tremblant experience
and encourages a healthy, active lifestyle.

It ensures that its natural, cultural and built heritage is
highlighted and enhanced.

It bases its decisions and actions on principles of sustainable
development to ensure a strong, varied, regional economy.


In 2030, Mont-Tremblant pursues its development
with the same desire to preserve and enhance its nature and its
natural characteristics.

In 2030, Mont-Tremblant is in an enviable economic
situation and, thanks to its creativity and its energy,
remains the tourist industry leader as well as
benefiting from the new economy.

In 2030, Mont-Tremblant is a bustling town where
access to property favours the establishment of
families and promotes having both young people and
elders remain in this area.

L'industrie du tourisme MRC des Laurentides


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