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Mon tremplin Mont-Tremblant

Project description

This contest aims to provide artists who reside or study in Mont-Tremblant with the opportunity to participate in the creation of a show with professional coaching and the chance to win the Étoile Mon tremplin prize, awarded by public vote and a jury, a $1,000 bursary.


Stage 1: auditions

Whether they sing, dance, play a musical instrument or perform theatre, humour, circus tricks or magic, solo or in a group, those who were interested in participating must first registered for auditions. On the basis of their performance during these auditions, a jury made up of professionals and municipal representatives selected the artists who participated in the remainder of the project.

Stage 2: The design of the show

Martin Lapierre, artistic director,  then developed the script for the show based on the acts presented at the auditions, modified and enriched. New acts were also offered to participants, who of course had a say in the artistic process and structure of the show.

Stage 3: Training and rehearsals

The training phase followed during which participants worked on their acts under the supervision of a professional in their areas of expertise. The rehearsals for the show took place at the same time, as will the design and creation of sets, costumes, lighting, and tasks in which those who prefered the backstage to the stage can participated.

Stage 4: The show and the choice of the winner

The culmination of the project, the Mon tremplin Mont-Tremblant show, took place in the Village Church playhouse. It was up to the audience and a jury, including professionals from the field and municipal representatives, to determined by vote the winner of the prize Étoile Mon Tremplin.

Winner of 2014 Mon tremplin Mont-Tremblant contest






Roxanne Lacasse, Martin Lapierre et Gabriel Lemelin surround winner Sydney Gervais.

Winner of 2016 Mon tremplin Mont-Tremblant contest






The jury members surround the winner Sarah Urness.

The first edition of Mon tremplin Mont-Tremblant contest was made possible by a financial contribution from the cultural development agreement between the Ville de Mont-Tremblant and the ministère de la Culture et des Communications.




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