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As part of his cultural development agreement with the ministère de la Culture et des Communications, the Ville de Mont-Tremblant invited professional artists in visual arts and crafts to submit works for inclusion on the Ruisseau Clair Walkway. The proposals should involved citizens of the Mont-Tremblant in the realization and focused on the following theme: art at the heart of the community.

Next steps

Citizens were invited to participate in the creation of two works of art, created by artists Geneviève Mercure and Élise Lalumière, respectively, who was integrated on the Ruisseau Clair Walkway during the 2017 summer.

Entitled Nos chemins se sont croisées, the work of Geneviève Mercure is composed of three photographed silhouettes and arranged in three strategic locations.

With her work entitled La nature est..., Élise Lalumière wanted to cover large sections of the Ruisseau Clair Walkway of thoughts on the theme of nature and environment.

The Passerelle-des-Arts project is made possible by a financial contribution from the cultural development agreement between the Ville de Mont-Tremblant and the ministère de la Culture et des Communications.






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