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Frequently asked questions

  1. In what emergency or problem situations could the population alert service be used?
    • Boil water or do not drink water advisory
    • Road closures and major construction
    • Water main break
    • Flooding
    • Major fire
    • Notice of lockdown, containment or evacuation
    • Leak of a substance creating a potential health risk
    • Etc.
  2. Is it possible to opt out of the service?
    Yes, it is possible to opt out or de-register by connecting to your session and clicking on retirer de la liste (withdrawing from the list)
  3. If I missed the alert message, can I hear it again?
    If you don’t have a voice mailbox, the system will try to call you again, up to three (3) times. You cannot call the number on your visual display unit. If you believe there is a danger, please call 9-1-1.
  4. How do I know that this is an alert from the Ville de Mont-Tremblant?
    The caller identity on the visual display unit will be Alerte population and the number will be 819 303-8611. However, you cannot call this automated number back. If you have a cell phone, you can create a contact for this number and name it Population Alert, for example.
  5. If I own a property, but I don’t live in the Ville, may I nonetheless register for the service?
    Yes. You should use the address of your property.  
  6. I work in Mont-Tremblant, but live in another municipality. May I register in order to receive alerts that could concern me?
    Yes. Register your cell phone number and your work address. 
  7. What is the advantage of using this service? 
    The service is a communication tool that works with the Ville’s other tools. It allows the Ville to target a specific area depending on the situation and to reach the persons concerned. It allows residents potentially affected by the situation to take the measures required for their safety and well-being, and to have general information concerning their municipality. 
  8. Is there a cost involved in being registered?
    No, the service is free.
  9. How do I register for the service?
    Online only. It you can’t do it yourself, someone in your circle – family, friends, etc. – can register for you. 
  10. If I change address and advise the Ville, will the system be updated automatically?
    No, you have to update your contact information yourself by connecting to your session. 
  11. If I am unable to respond, will the service leave me a message?
    Yes, a message will be left in your voice mailbox. 
  12. Can I be reached via different communication methods?
    Yes, you may receive a voice message, a text message or even an email. You can register for the three methods or for just one, depending on your preferences. 
  13. Will my contact information be used for other purposes?
    The contact data registered to your profile will remain confidential and will only be used for this service. 
  14. When the emergency situation or the problem has been resolved, will I be informed? 
    Yes, you will receive an alert when things return to normal. 
  15. If I plan to be away for a long time, may I ask that my contact information be ignored until I return?
    Yes, you just de-register, and then re-register when you get back. 
  16. Can I register the contact information of a family member so that person will also be informed of what’s happening in my area? 
    Yes, that person should create their own profile with your address. 
  17. I only have a residential phone (land line) whose number is not confidential. Do I have to register anyway?
    The Ville already has the numbers listed in the phone directory and these numbers will receive the important emergency messages. However, it would be better for you to do your own registration so you can choose the other types of alert you wish to receive. 

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