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Municipal facilities and services (open/closed)

Latest updates: 13-05-2020, 3:41 p.m.

Essentials services


  • 9-1-1 Call Centre
  • Customer Service Centre
  • Écocentre 
  • Waste and recyclables (garbage, recyclingand compost)
  • Public safety (police and fire)
    To protect our emergency services personnel, people in quarantine are asked to contact 819-425-2723. In addition, when there is an emergency intervention, people must cooperate fully by disclosing information about their foreign travel and their state of health.
  • Public transit
    The Ville, working with the carrier, will increase sanitation measures and asks people to respect the rules decreed by Public Health to limit spread of the virus.
    New measures in effect immediately
    - All users of the TCMT (the Ville’s public transit service) must now use the centre door of the bus to respect the one-metre minimum distance from the driver.
    - A physical perimeter around the drivers, indicated by a tape, must now be respected by transit users. Users must remain outside this perimeter. 
    - Users with cold or flu symptoms are asked not to take our public transit (TCMT). If, in spite of the presence of symptoms, they wish to take the TCMT, they are required to wear a medical protective mask. If needed, masks will be available inside the bus. People who do not conform to this directive will not be allowed onto TCMT buses.
    - Persons who are under quarantine because of COVID-19 symptoms or because they have returned from foreign travel within the previous two weeks, are not authorized to take TCMT buses.

Municipal services and other


Culture and recreation


  • Samuel-Ouimet and du Couvent Libraries 
    - Following the preventive closure of the Samuel-Ouimet and Couvent libraries, note that the deadline for returning loans whose date was scheduled between March 13 and 31 is extended to May 4, 2020. There is no There will be no additional late fees for all documents that were already late by March 13 until May 4. If the closure is extended beyond May 4, a new adjustment of the return date will be possible. 
    - You can deposit your volumes in the book chute located at the back of the library, at the parking level, by putting them in a bag.
    - Entertainment and activities canceled until August 31.
  • Gilles Cadieux Arena
  • Complexe aquatique Mont-Tremblant
  • School gymnasiums and palaestra
  • Place de la gare
  • Alphonse-Desjardins room
  • Première Scène Mont-Tremblant playhouse 
  • All the parks in the territory of Mont-Tremblant
  • Walking trails, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and fatbike
  • Le P’tit Train du Nord 
  • Facilities of Domaine Saint-Bernard (paths accessible independently at the risk and peril of the users)


  • All recreational, sporting, cultural events and activities (indoor and outdoor) organized by the City
    - Cinema
    - Winter session course
    - Spring session courses and workshops
  • Tournaments and shows at the Gille Cadieux arena
  • Ice skating club ice review
  • Complexe aquatique Mont-Tremblant 
    - Winter session courses
    - Spring session course (April to June)
  • Alphonse-Desjardins room
    - Exhibitions (March to August)


  • Volunteers evening

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