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According to bylaw (2003)-53, section 8: firecrackers and fireworks are a nuisance and are prohibited in the Ville de Mont-Tremblant.

However, it is possible to get permission to use pyrotechnics and large-scale fireworks for theatrical effect within the territory. The applicant must submit to the Fire and emergency Department, at least 30 days before the event, the following information and documents:

  • a written request, including the date, location and type of event;
  • the written authorization of the owner (s) of the premises where the pyrotechnics are to be used;
  • a photocopy of the valid fireworks expert/supervisor certificate;
  • proof of insurance (minimum $5 000 000);
  • a detailed list of pyrotechnic pieces to be used
  • a map of where the show will take place including the distances of the fallout areas, the public, buildings, vehicles, etc.;
  • an application form for authorization of a fireworks display and pyrotechnics purchases in the form of Explosives Regulatory Division.

Fire safety

Any other information necessary to ensure the safety of the event must be forwarded to the Director of the Fire Safety Department or one of its accredited representatives.

If everything is compliant, then the Fire Safety Department will proceed with the approval. When issuing the authorization, the Fire Safety Department must obtain from the holder of the authorization a written undertaking:

  • to comply with the conditions and requirements set out in the authorization;
  • to ensure that the fireworks expert/supervisor referred to in the application for authorization is present at the pyrotechnic deployment site during assembly, firing, dismantling and site cleaning operations;
  • personally ensure that the supervisor supervises these operations;
  • at the request of the Director of the Fire Safety Department or one of his accredited representatives, carry out a trial shot before the fireworks start.

The director of the Fire Safety Department and his accredited representatives shall refuse to issue the authorization if any of the conditions of issue were not met.

The Fire Safety Department reserves the right to inspect the premises before, during and after the fireworks to verify compliance with the Federal Explosives Act and its regulations, in order to ensure the safety of persons present on the territory of the Ville de Mont-Tremblant.