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Alarm systems

Bylaws related to alarm systems and false alarms

On August 28, 2006, bylaw (2006)-A-07 (in French) as passed in order to facilitate the work of the police force and to control false alarms on the territory of Mont-Tremblant, including Lac-Tremblant-Nord.

Who must request an alarm system permit?

  • All persons who already have an alarm system must obtain a permit certifying that the system has been registered.
  • All persons wishing to use an alarm system: the permit request must be made as soon as the system is installed.

How does one obtain the permit request form?

  • By clicking here to download the form in PDF format
  • At the Police Department: 380 rue Siméon
  • At City Hall: 1145 rue de Saint-Jovite
  • By telephone: 819-425-8614, ext. 2238
  • By email:

Return the completed form:

  • by mail to: 1145 rue de Saint-Jovite, a/s Service de police, Mont-Tremblant (Québec) J8E 1V1
  • by fax: 819-425-6407
  • in person at the Police Department located at 380 rue Siméon
  • by email:

Be careful: a false alarm costs money!

Charge if there is a false alarm

False alarm requiring response by the
False alarm requiring response by the
1st alarm          NO CHARGE 1st alarm    NO CHARGE
2nd alarm     NO CHARGE 2nd alarm and any subsequent alarms $400
3rd alarm and any subsequent alarms $100    


What is a false alarm? An alarm is presumed to be false and related to poor use of the system, a defect or malfunction when the alarm system is triggered, no proof or trace of the presence of an intruder, the commission of a crime, a fire or the beginning of a fire is observed on the protected premises, at the time of arrival of a police officer or fire fighter.

Useful advice to save you charges.

Please be sure…

  • To obtain a permit (free) for your alarm system and to keep the related information up to date. Police officers and dispatchers refer to the information on the permit to contact those responsible for the alarm.
  • That all persons likely to use your alarm system have a good understanding of its functioning:
    • Have the right code
    • Understand how it works
    • Know how to turn off the alarm signal if it triggers without cause
    • Know the procedure for cancelling the alarm to the central dispatcher.
  • To have the sensitivity of your alarm system checked if you have problems with rodents or if you have acquired a pet.
  • To keep animals, fans and heat sources at a distance from the zones covered by the movement detectors. Curtains that move when a window is open can also trigger an alarm.
  • That your door is tightly fitted in the door jamb to avoid having it move when there’s a strong wind or someone raps at the door.


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