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Police officers ask that car owners and drivers always lock the doors and trunk of their vehicle, and close the windows tightly. It is crucially important not to leave objects of value in sight, nor any indication of an electronic device. In addition, it’s wise to keep your pieces of identification with you to avoid being the victim of another crime (household robbery, fraud, identity theft, etc.).

By virtue of article 381 of the Code de la sécurité routière du Québec, no person may leave without supervision a road vehicle in his or her custody without first removing the ignition key and locking the doors. In other words, you must absolutely lock your car, otherwise you leave yourself exposed to a State of infraction set by law.

This law applies on all public roads or private roads open to traffic, and in public parking lots.

The police officers of Mont-Tremblant check parked cars sporadically. They can hand out fines, but they prefer to warn people. They distribute sensitization tickets to congratulate the owner whose vehicle is properly protected and, on the other hand, may hand out this same ticket with the notice of violation if the car is not properly protected as per this article of the Code de la sécurité routière du Québec.

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