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Promotor's information meeting concerning Vivo

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Winter instructions

Snow on sidewalks or streets

Every citizen must ensure never to obstruct the sidewalks and the street when clearing his yard. It is strictly forbidden to shovel the snow from its yard on the public road or at the edge of it.

Snow removal of turning circle on public streets and public parking lots

To facilitate snow removal operations, citizens are asked to allow free access to all turning circles of roads or streets, as well as public parking lots. Vehicles parked at these locations are detrimental to snow removal operations and can be towed.

Storm drainage system (sump)     

The Public Works Department reminds you that in case of rain or sudden snowmelt it is necessary to locate the grids of the storm drainage system network near your property and to avoid any accumulation of snow on the grids and the perimeter in order to allow the water to flow normally. Your vigilance is appreciated to avoid water accumulation. If you notice poor water flow, please notify us at 819 425-8614.

Fire hydrants

The Ville removes the snow of its fire hydrants when 45 cm (18 inches) of them are visible or when access is difficult for the user. Be kind to avoid putting the snow from your entrance on the fire hydrants. This is for the safety of all.

Waste and recyclable bins

  • Place the bins at the roadside the evening before.
  • Recycling and waste bins must be placed side by side, with a minimum space of 60 cm around each bin, handles and wheels towards the house so that nothing prevents access for mechanized arm.
  • Place your bins on the street during collection days only.
  • Completely remove snow and ice from top and sides of bins so that they are easily accessible. Bins covered with snow or hard to reach will not be emptied.
  • Always leave your bins in the entrance of your property and not in the way to prevent your bins from being broken or hit during snow removal.
  • Pick up your bins immediately after the collection. No bins should remain on the street.

Regulation of night parking in winter

To facilitate the snow removal operations, it is forbidden to park in the streets of the territory of the Ville de Mont-Tremblant from November 15 to April 1, from 2 a.m. to 7 a.m. Failing to comply with this regulation, your car will be towed to allow the  the snow removal operations and a statement of offense could be issued at a cost of $30.

For further details, please refer to the règlement (2007)-A-15 concerning public peace, traffic and parking.