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Decision of municipal council

The municipal council will decide on the file towards the 10th week following filing of the request. The council reserves the right to consult the CCU (the town planning advisory committee). In this case, the request is deferred to the next meeting date of this committee.

Treatment of a file that does not require consultation with the various technical departments and that does not have to be presented to the members of municipal council will be spread over a period of about three to four weeks, having to pass only steps 1,6 and 7.

However, the processing of a more complex file, which requires the advice of the various technical departments of the Ville or which requires presentation of the application to the members of municipal council, will be spread over a period of about ten weeks, because all the steps must be gone through.

When there is application for a change to the town planning bylaws, the council may:

  1. Accept the request
  2. Accept the request conditionally
  3. Defer of the request
  4. Refuse of the request 

1.       Acceptance of the request

If the municipal council decides to accept the request, this does not have the immediate effect of modifying the bylaws. This decision only reflects the intention of council that it wishes to begin the procedures required to modify the town planning bylaws, subject to legislative measures related to the procedure of passing the town planning bylaws. The Town Planning Department will prepare the draft bylaw in accordance with the municipal council's terms for acceptance. The petitioner will receive a letter confirming the acceptance of the request as well as the date when the adoption procedures for the bylaw will begin.

Adoption and implementation of the change to the town planning bylaws

The procedures for adoption of any bylaw conform to the Loi sur l'aménagement et l'urbanisme (L.R.Q., chapitre A-19.1). In general, procedures starting in January, May and September can spread out over a period that can range from three to six months, depending on the type of bylaw to be passed.

To find out how to apply to your application, please contact:
Antoine Bélisle, Coordinator, Land Planning Division by phone at 819 425-8614 or by Email abelisle@villdemont-tremblant.qc.ca.


A schedule for passing a bylaw can be provided upon request, once the procedure has been initiated.

2.       Conditional acceptance of the request

Acceptance of a request for modification to the bylaws may be conditional because the municipal council requires changes to the request or because it imposes some conditions with which the petitioner must comply. Once the conditions have been met, conditional acceptance may require preliminary approval by the municipal council prior to modification of the bylaws.  

Specific agreements

In some cases, council may decide to resort to a specific agreement in order to protect the public interest. Specific agreements aim to target concerns raised by a project, such as:

  • Quality of life
  • Quality of the environment
  • Peace and safety of the neighbourhood
  • Architectural and landscape aesthetics
  • Service by public amenities
  • Transportation / transit
  • Public access to infrastructure provided by the project
  • Public access to services provided by the project

The petitioner will receive a letter confirming acceptance of the application and giving reasons for the conditions.

3.       Deferral of the request

The municipal council defers its decision on a request for a change of bylaw in order to obtain other information before taking a decision or to obtain additional time to reflect on the request.

The petitioner will receive a letter confirming acceptance of the request and explaining the conditions.

4.       Refusal of the request

In the case of a refusal by council, the decision is final. The petitioner will receive a resolution from the municipal council explaining the refusal of the request.