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Regulatory Revision| Development Issues

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Deadline for completion after permit is issued

  • Construction of a main building: work must begin within six (6) months.
  • Installation of a sign, filling or excavation and change of usage: work must begin within 60 days.
  • Any other construction permit or authorization certificate must be acted upon within a period of three (3) months. If not, it becomes null and void.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Town Planning Department to obtain information at 819 425-8614 or by email to

In general, construction permits and authorization certificates are valid for a period of 12 months and may be renewed. There are, however, exceptions to this general rule, depending on the nature of the project.

Form for the renewal of an authorization certificate or a permit.

Type of permit

Length of time

Construction, renovation or enlarging of a main building

12 months - renewable for 12 months
Construction, renovation or enlarging of a main building with a value of more than $500,000 24 months - renewable for 12 months
Moving/transportation of a building At the date and time stated by the certificate without exceeding a time period of 48 hours.
Demolition of a building 6 months
Felling of trees 2 months – reforestation within 12 months
Tree cutting or sanitation cutting 12 months – reforestation within 18 months
Filling / excavation 12 months - renewable 1 time only for 12 months
Intervention that highlights fauna and flora 18 months
Development of land including renaturalization of a property 18 months for land that is not waterfront and 12 months for waterfront land
Development of a buffer zone  12 months