Complete open fire ban throughout the region covered by the Mont-Tremblant Fire Department 

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Regulatory Revision| Development Issues

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Form - permits and certificates

Steps to follow

  1. Fill in the form corresponding to your project
  2. Collect the documents as indicated on the form
  3. Fill in the form of proxy (if necessary)
  4. Submit a file
    • in person at the Town Planning Department where you will be able to meet with an inspector who will ensure that the file is complete
    • or by email:


Form - Building or accessory construction
(veranda, garage)

Leaflet: Les garages pour un usage résidentiel (French-language)

Form - Construction (French-language)
New construction or an extension

Form - Construction or modification of a septic system

Form -Installation of a pool

Leaflet - Les piscines extérieures, spas, bains-tourbillon (French-language)

Form - Creation of a new water catchment system

Form - Renovation of a main building
(exterior cladding, changing the windows, etc.)

Form - Renovation of a main building - Grant for universal access


Form - Tree felling
Form - Development of parking area or loading area
Form - Development of land for renaturalization

Form - Various certificates
(installation of a mobile home, of an antenna, of a fishing cabin, of a mechanical lift or of an agricultural operation)

Form - Change of usage 
Form - Forest cutting or clean-up
Form - Demolition of a building 
Form - Moving/transportation of a building
Form - Operation of a quarry, gravel or sand pit

Form - Installation of a sign

Leaflet -Affichez votre marque de commerce (French-language)

Form - Work in wetlands, on a riverbank or on the shore of a lake or other body of water

Form - Declaration attesting to the conformity of the activity (French-language)

Leaflet - La rive (French-language)

Leaflet - La renaturalisation (French-language)
Form - Work to fill or excavate land 

Request Modification to planning regulations (French-language)