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Documents to provide

These documents to be provided when requesting a PIIA permit are in addition to those required for your permit request.

  • A plan signed by a land surveyor which shows the location and dimensions of each building (existing or projected)
  • A study demonstrating all existing wooded areas and the trees to be cut
  • The four elevations, in colour, of the building indicating the types of materials used and a proposed landscaping plan
  • Colour samples of the exterior cladding, the roofing, and the ornamental elements
  • Photographs of neighbouring properties, of the site and of the existing building
  • For commercial buildings, all lighting details including calculation of the illumination and a photometric report for the parking area luminaires (outside lighting fixtures)

For each request, the documents provided for reproduction must be of a maximum format size of 11 x 17 inches and to scale.

Note: The inspector who will be dealing with your request reserves the right to require any additional documents or information (according to the applicable articles from 14 to 69 of by-law (2008)-101 and articles 11 and 12 of by-law (2008)-106) which will allow him or her to have a clear and precise understanding of your project.