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Steps to follow

  1. Recover the grid of objectives and evaluation criteria taken directly from the PIIA by-law after having determined in which PIIA your property is located - See the French section
  2. Evaluate your project in light of each of the evaluation criteria that applies. The grid is divided into different themes and for each of them, there are objectives to achieve. Ideally – although it is not an obligation – your project should meet all the objectives stated there. Your project will certainly have a better chance of being approved if it meets all the objectives rather than only some.
  3. Gather all documents, including $300 if your project is not residential. (There are no fees for residential projects.)
  4. Submit the documents:
  5. Analysis by the Town Planning inspector
  6. Analysis by the CCU
  7. Recommendation by the CCU to the municipal council
  8. Decision of the municipal council

The documents must be submitted at least 15 days before the meeting of the consultative committee on town planning (CCU).