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Regulatory Revision| Development Issues

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Holiday schedule

Notice to users, take note that the public transport schedule has changed. 

Please be at the stop five (5) minutes ahead of time.

TCMT is now available on the free Transit mobile app!

Wearing a face covering

*As of June 18, it will no longer be mandatory to wear a mask on public transport.

Remember that the choice to wear the mask in public transport will remain at the discretion of each person. The population is invited to respect those who wish to continue to avail themselves of this means of reducing the risk of infection.

Mandatory for ages 10 and up, measure in effect until June 17 inclusively
- access to buses will be refused in the absence of a face covering
- the face covering must cover the nose and mouth

The Ville wishes to remind everyone that those who have symptoms of COVID-19 must not use public transit. Users are asked to respect social distancing at the stops and, when possible, inside the bus. 

  • New schedule in effect as of June 17, 2022

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