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Collection of residual matter

2020 Calendars

Download your calendar: 

Paper format

Outlook format (for mobile)

Paroisse Saint-Jovite sector Paroisse Saint-Jovite sector
Saint-Jovite sector Saint-Jovite sector
Village sector Village sector

Outlook Calendar Opening procedures:

  1. Download the file
  2. In Outlook, at the bottom of the navigation pane, select Calendar.
  3. On the toolbar, select Add Calendar > From File.

To find your collection area, consult the list of the streets or the map of the sectors.

Where to get the bins

New residence: upon final inspection of a new building, the Building Inspector will contact the Environment and Sustainable Development Department. The latter will deliver the bins to the new residence.

Damaged bin: to replace a damaged bin, contact the Environment and Sustainable Development Department at 819-425-8614, ext. 2604.

The bins are allocated to the civic address to which they were delivered. It is therefore prohibited to move them to a different address. The bins remain the property of the Ville de Mont-Tremblant and any loss, theft or breakage through abnormal or unsecured use must be assumed by the residents. In addition, the bins must be kept clean and free of odours and it is forbidden to apply decals or to paint them

Guidelines for the collection

  • Arrange the bins at the side of the road the day before collection.
  • Place them side by side, with a space of at least 60 centimeters around each bin.
  • Install the bins along the road so that the handles (wheels) point towards the property and not towards the road.
  • Replace bins quickly onto your property after each collection.
  • Remove snow and completely de-ice the top and sides of the bins to make them easily accessible. Snow-covered or hard-to-reach bins will not be emptied.

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