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Do you know that the best fertilizer for your grass is your grass?

Recycling cut grass

The best thing to do is leave the grass clippings on the ground. It will keep the ground moist, protect against diseases and provide a significant quantity of nitrogen, provide nutritional support, and provide better resistance to heat and to the development of dandelions and white grubs.

Recycling dead leaves

In the fall, nature gets rid of things that become useless when winter arrives. As a result, the leaves of trees end up on the ground. In winter and spring, the dead leaves decompose and form humus, which will return to the earth the minerals and nutrients needed for plants to grow. It is an endless cycle and has been so since time immemorial.

For too many years, humans have tried to modify the cycling by enthusiastically raking the ground to get rid of these annoying leftovers. They put them in non-degradable plastic bags made from oil and send them by trucks, which use fossil fuels, to a hole created at great expense (the landfill sit), filling it up uselessly and prematurely. In addition, the leachate (liquid from the leaves) created must be pumped and treated before being returned to nature in order not to contaminate the water table.

The Ville encourages you to leave as much of your leaves and grass clippings as possible on the ground. You are encouraged to do this to enrich your soil and to prolong as long as possible the useful life of our current landfill site by burying the least possible amount in it, particularly compostable materials.

Abolition of collection of green waste

In the event that residents have too great a quantity of dead leaves, they may take them free of charge to the Ecocentre rather than sending them to the landfill site.

**Don’t forget, you must present proof of residence to dispose of your green waste at the Ecocentre.

The provincial government has adopted the Politique québécoise de gestion des matières résiduelles, to which policy the Ville de Mont-Tremblant adheres. Its goal is to create a waste-free society by encouraging behaviours that are more respectful of the environment, and better consumption practices and residual materials management.


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