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Be an ambassador for the sport

Be pleasant, courteous and polite. Discourage bad conduct and follow the rules.

Only fatbikes are allowed on the trails

The bicycle must be equipped with tires at least 3.5’’ wide and the air pressure must be below 10 psi.

Ask yourself these three question at the beginning of every outing:

  1. Is the track I’m leaving an inch or more deep?
  2. Am I having difficulty in moving forward in a straight line?
  3. Do I have to get off the bike to get up a slight slope?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, leave the track, because you are causing damage to the track that is hard to repair.

Ride only on authorized trails

In the cross-country ski trails, never ride in the classic skiing tracks.
Always be courteous with skiers, snowshoers and walkers.
Make way for others at every intersection.

Cycling in winter brings risks that it is wise to take on very gradually. Be careful, and have a great outing!

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