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Open-air fires

Between March 15 and November 30, you must to obtain a burning permit from the Police Department at 380 Rue Siméon.

The permit is free.

Always have a responsible person on-site and provide fire extinguishing equipment or amenities at all times (hose, pot of water, fire extinguisher, snow, etc.)

This permit for fires that burn branches or brush, felled timber and demolition debris is issued for a specific period, with precise conditions and for a specific place. Obviously, if an open fire ban is in effect, an outside fire will not be permitted even if a burning permit has been issued. So, before making an outside fire, make it a habit to consult the SOPFEU website to know the risk of fire.

During an outdoor fire, whether in a fireplace or not, certain safety measures must always be followed:

  • An adult must always be nearby.
  • Never use an accelerant.
  • Never burn tires or plastic.
  • Ensure that the fire is completely extinguished before leaving.


Police Department: 819-425-2723

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