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Gardening: an effective remedy

Do you know that gardening - or horticulture – is considered a gentle but effective physical activity?

Indeed, 30 minutes of gardening represent a physical effort similar to a 30 minutes walk. That’s not all, because plants have positive effects on health:

They help to reduce the risk of illness (asthma) and discomfort (heat wave) and speed recovery after an operation or accident by improving the patient’s state of mind and body.

They also reduce stress, enhance morale, stimulate creativity, physical and psychological aptitude, self-esteem, optimism and camaraderie.

They counter certain allergies by fixing dust, ash, pollen and other particles on their leaves, reducing their presence in the breathing air.

In addition, they mitigate the negative impacts of urban heat islands by balancing the temperature and increasing the relative humidity, which provides more freshness.

Two matures trees produce enough oxygen for a four member family.

All these combined features mean that plants decrease the number and duration of hospital stays

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