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Belvédère du Canot-d’Écorce


  • Rest area
  • Picnicking

According to a witness account from the 19th century, Joseph Commandant, an Algonquin who lived close to the mouth of the Cachée River, was a master in the art of building bark canoes. This lookout is located near his home.

It provides a magnificent view of the Diable River. Here visitors can relax to the sound of the water, read, eat, take a break in their training schedule or just spend some time. Built of natural wood, it is enhanced by a gazebo with a solid wood bench.


  • Parking area
  • Benches
  • Picnic table
  • Bicyle racks



How to get there ?

Chemin Duplessis

  • Belvédère du Canot-d’Écorce

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