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With close to three million tourist visits per year and tourist spending in the range of $553 million [i], the Laurentians ranks among the premier regions in Québec, after Montreal and Quebec City, in terms of the number of visitors and their spending. In fact Mont-Tremblant is the prime destination for tourists in the Laurentians, even in the province of Québec, in terms of tourists. It goes without saying that the tourist industry is an important economic engine for the Ville de Mont-Tremblant.

[i] Source: Tourisme Québec, Les plus récentes données sur letourisme au Québec - Juin 2015

Emploi Québec

Ville de Mont-Tremblant - Jobs

In 2011, the Ville de Mont-Tremblant welcomed 511 businesses employing a total of 8,270 people distributed across a range of sectors. [ii] 

[ii] Source : CLD Laurentides Portrait de la Ville de Mont-Tremblant - juillet 2013

La caravane de l'emploi

La Caravane de l'emploi of the MRC des Laurentides promotes the many job opportunities on our territory at local events or even outside our region. The Caravan is a mobile office that can accommodate future candidates to learn about the offers, and even to participate in a selection process. Employers wishing to participate and want to facilitate the promotion of their job offers or meet candidates are welcome.