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Water and sewer systems

The purification division of the Service du génie is responsible for the management and operation of drinking water production on the territory. It supervises the maintenance of the quality of potable water throughout its water supply system. It is also responsible for the treatment of domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater.


  • 2 clean water filtration plants
  • 10 booster stations
  • 7 clean water reservoirs


  • 3 wastewater treatment plants
  • 18 pumping stations

Generally, the portion of a service entrance located within the road allowance is the property of the Ville, which is responsible for its maintenance. The part of the water pipe past this point is maintained by the owner.

Usually, the centre of the outside shut-off valve defines the limits of responsibility between each of the parties.

The owner is responsible of the proper functioning of the sanitary sewer facilities and the rain sewer, from inside the building up to the main conduit under the road.

The owner or occupant of a building or part of a building must provide, install and keep in good condition the piping and instruments required to receive, control, distribute and use the water, inside or outside his or her building. The Ville is not responsible for losses or damage caused by water issuing from equipment serving to control the supply, such as faucets or other.

You may, at any time, report an urgent water system and sewer system problem to the Ville by calling 819 425-8614.

Connecting or disconnecting water service

Are you planning to connect a new water service or disconnect a current water service? Call the Ville at least 48 hours in advance at 819 425-8614 to ensure that the work will be done at the desired time.

Shutting off and reopening the water service

Are you doing extensive renovation work? Do you have to temporarily shut off water service to your building?

Call the Ville at least 48 hours in advance at 819 425-8614. This will give the Ville time to check the condition of your water service boxes and the location of the water entry so as to better plan the renovation work.

Water leakage

It is forbidden, at all times, to allow water to run on your property, inside or outside a building, due to defective plumbing or any other malfunction which can waste or lose water. Breaking or allowing the deterioration of any device such that water may be lost is also forbidden.

If you see a water leakage on the road or on your property, quickly call the Public Works Department at 819 425-8614. Your call will help the Ville to limit the damage and will allow it to begin the necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

Interruption of water service

Any person charged with application of the current bylaw may shut off water service for maintenance and improvement of the water supply system without the Ville being responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused by the interruption of service.

Water use ban

The Mayor, the members of Council and the Director General of the Public Works Department can temporarily ban the exterior use of clean water in periods of drought or when an emergency situation justifies such a ban.

Frozen pipe

It is forbidden to let water flow to prevent a frozen pipe except with the written permission of the Director of the Public Works Department or his representative.

You must first communicate with a certified plumber. He or she will establish whether the problem comes from a domestic or municipal malfunction. If the latter, call the Public Works Department at 819 425-8614. 

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