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Overall development plan (PAE)

An overall development plan (plan d’aménagement d’ensemble – PAE) may be requested for a sector of the Ville that would benefit from subsequent planning. Actually, rather than freezing or slowing development with strict standards, the by-laws look at it from a more general perspective. It is only when a development project is tabled that the PAE will be modified to consider both the project and the Ville’s orientations. These will have been stated in the form of objectives and evaluation criteria which will provide a form of design control that will be both flexible and more comprehensive for these parts of the territory by supporting exchanges between the municipality and the promoter.


In the territory, there are currently nine (9) PAEs.

PAE-01 – Beattie-des-Pins
PAE-02 – Golf du Diable and Géant (golf courses)
PAE-03 – Route 117 (east sector)
PAE-04 – Route 117 industrial sector: zone IN-322
PAE-05 – Golf La Bête and L’Aiglon (golf courses)
PAE-06 – Le Maître (golf course)
PAE-07 – Camp Nord
PAE-08 – Sector of the Chemin Enchanté
PAE-09 – Extraction site

See the bylaw (2008)-105 


Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Occupation du territoire (MAMOT)