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Additional fees and costs

The fees shown in the table are for illustrative purposes only. They are indexed to January 1st of each year and are subject to change without notice by the government.

See: Tariff of court costs in penal matters

Fees for a guilty plea sent by the defendant without the total of the fine and costs requested $8
Fees for a defendant who, having entered a plea of not guilty, amends it before the trial, either to enter a plea of guilty or to pay the total amount of the fine and costs requested $28
Fees for a judgment of guilty rendered during the contested trial or for the contestation of the greater sentence requested $99
Fees for a judgment of guilty rendered by default $62

Fees for witnesses required :

If you are judged guilty, you must pay the travel costs of the necesary witnesses who have been called by the  town’s attorney.

Determined based on the tariff for each case

Fees for a postponement or adjournment

Fees for presentation of an application accompanied by prior notice (for instance an application for a revocation of judgment or for reduction of costs) $23
Fees for a notice of non-payment sent to the SAAQ


Fees for any payment not honoured by the institution (NSF cheque or automatic withdrawal)


These fees apply only to the Major Defendants. For minors, a maximum fine of $100 may be imposed as well as costs not exceeding $100. 

See: Regulation respecting certain court costs in penal matters applicable to persons under 18 years of age

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