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Regulatory Revision| Development Issues

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Who may rent a room?

  • Legal or natural persons
  • Associations or businesses
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Residents or non-residents

What activities or events may I have there?

  • Meetings
  • Training sessions
  • Courses
  • Shows
  • Etc.

Which rooms/halls may I rent?

  • Salle des Loisirs (Activities Room)
    Adress: 144 Rue du Couvent
    Capacity: 100 people
    Features: small kitchen and a small stage
  • Council chamber and city hall lobby
    Address: 1145 Rue de Saint-Jovite
    Capacity: 100 people
    Features: refrigerator, sink and dishwasher
  • Multipurpose hall at the Complexe aquatique Mont-Tremblant
    Address: 635 Rue Cadieux
    Capacity: 60 people
    Features: refrigerator, sink and microwave oven
  • Première Scène Playhouse
    Address: 1829 Chemin du Village
    Capacity: 200 people seated
    Features: dressing room, sitting room and full kitchen
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