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Street number: a must

Posting the street address number of a house and other buildings is required under the Règlement (2016)-A-45 bylaw and the number must be installed in a highly visible location.

The number must be visible at all times from the public street. The height of each number must be greater than 3 ½ inches and smaller than 8 inches.

This is a duty whose goal is to increase your safety and that of your family, because a search for your house will be easier in the event of an emergency (police, fire, ambulance, etc.).

If your house is located within 30 metres of the road, the street number must be installed:

  • on the front of the house
  • on the mailbox
  • on the fence
  • on a wall.

NEVER post the number on a tree, rock or garbage bin.

If your house is located more than 30 metres from the road, the number must be installed:

  • on a support located at the edge of the street