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Citizen’s Guide

Learn all about your town! This guide is a valuable communication tool creates for citizens. Everything has been implemented to gather as much information to inform and guide the citizen as accurately as possible when searching for resources or information.

Citizen's Guide is available in the following municipal buildings:

  • City Hall: 1145 Rue de Saint-Jovite
  • Municipal Garage: 60 Chemin de Brébeuf
  • Bibliothèque du Couvent: 1875 Chemin du Village
  • Bibliothèque Samuel-Ouimet: 1145 Rue de Saint-Jovite
  • Clerk's office and municipal court: 1149 Rue de Saint-Jovite
  • Police department: 380 Rue Siméon

Citizen’s Guide, 2018 edition (in French)

  • Table des matières

  • Ma ville

  • Mes activités, mon plaisir

  • Mon environnement

  • Mon milieu de vie

  • Mon rôle citoyen

  • Règlements

  • Annuaire téléphonique

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(in French only)