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Promotor's information meeting concerning Vivo

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License suspension

Since 2003, municipal courts have been able to transmit notices of non-payment to the SAAQ to advise them that a defendant has fines that are unpaid within the legal time limits.

Notices of non-payment are sent automatically in the following cases:

  • you have neglected to pay your , the notice of judgment received or your in the allotted time period;
  • you paid your notice of infraction or your but your cheque was returned by your financial institution.

When the notice is sent to the SAAQ, the latter sends a letter by registered mail to advise the defendant that his or her license will be suspended beginning on the date indicated in the 2nd paragraph. In addition, from that date, the person whose license is suspended may no longer drive or allow the driving of a vehicle registered in his or her name, even if the driver is a person with a valid license.

In addition, the defendant may no longer register a vehicle in his or her name, transfer the registration to the name of another person or scrap a vehicle registered in his or her name, from the time the letter is sent.

As soon as you receive the notice from the SAAQ, you must contact us in order to find out the amount now due. Additional charges are added to the file on top of the costs charged by the SAAQ to process the notices of non-payment.

If you live in the region and can travel

You must present yourself at our premises when they are open (except between noon and 1 p.m.) with your bank card (debit card) or your credit card or cash or postal money order in the amount due. At that time, you will be provided with a notice of payment and must present yourself at an SAAQ counter so that the suspension may be lifted without delay.

If you are unable to travel

You must contact us to find out the amount due and to know our methods of payment. At that time, it is critically important that you not drive and that you not lend your vehicle to anyone as we will advise the SAAQ only when we receive the payment at our offices.