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Some history

1872  Settlement begins thanks to curé Antoine Labelle (parish priest) 
1879  Founding of Paroisse Saint-Jovite (parish - in a religious sense) 
31 janvier 
Founding of the Municipalité des Cantons Unis de Salaberry et Grandison - the municipality of the united townships of Salaberry and Grandison 
Arrival of the first P'tit Train du Nord ("little train of the north") locomotive at the Saint-Jovite railway station 
1904 The P'tit Train du Nord railway extends as far as Lac Mercier
1905 The appearance of electricity thanks to installation of a small-scale hydroelectric centre on the banks of the Ruisseau Clair ("clear stream") and the Rivière du Diable ("devil's river"). It provides electricity for the homes inside an area bordered on the north side by the railway station, on the west by the Riviere du Diable, on the south by the Ruisseau Clair and on the east by the edge of the village. 
1906 Founded by the Wheeler family, Gray Rocks Inn takes shape on the banks of Lac Ouimet. 
1912 A new small-scale hydroelectric centre is built close to the Ruisseau Noir and takes over distribution of electricity. 
5 mars 
Founding of the Municipalité de Lac-Tremblant-Nord 
23 juin 
Part of the population of the Municipalité des Cantons Unis de Salaberry et Grandison splits away to create the Municipalité du Village de Saint-Jovite 
1931  Gatineau Power company takes control of the distribution of electricity in the region. 
1937  At the summit of Mont Tremblant, Joseph Bondurant Ryan has a wonderful idea. He wants to make it a major ski resort, the biggest in North America. 
1938  Joseph Bondurant Ryan becomes the first owner of MontTremblant Resort, called at the time Mont Tremblant Lodge. 
12 février 
Joseph Bondurant Ryan and his wife Mary Ryan launch the first Chair ski lift - 4,200 feet of cable (250 skiers an hour) - for six runs and the opening of the chic Mountain Lodge.
17 mai 
Founding of the Municipalité de Mont-Tremblant 
1963 Nationalisation of electricity by Hydro-Québec 
1965 Widowed in 1950, Mary Ryan sells Mont Tremblant Resort to a group of Montreal financiers. 
1979 Mont Tremblant Resort is held by the Fédération des caisses d'entraide économique du Québec. 
1982 The management firm La Société de gestion Promodev acquires Mont Tremblant Resort. 
1991 Acquisition of Mont Tremblant Resort by Intrawest, a limited partnership real estate development company. 
22 novembre 
Founding of the Ville de Mont-Tremblant through the merger of four municipalities: Municipalité de Lac-Tremblant-Nord, Municipalité de Mont-Tremblant, Municipalité de la Paroisse de Saint-Jovite and Ville de Saint-Jovite. 
2003 The government of Quebec, under the Liberal party, allows citizens of Quebec's merged municipalities to resort to a referendum to be heard concerning the merger. 
2004 Only the citizens of the former Municipalité de Lac-Tremblant-Nord decided to reconstitute their former territory. The reconstitution was effective from January 1, 2006. 
La Société en commandite Intrawest vend Station Mont Tremblant à Fortress Investment Groupe LCC de New-York. Intrawest is bought by Fortress Investment Group LCC of New York.
31 août
Inauguration of Municipal Court
27 juin
Inauguration of the ruisseau Clair walkway (passerelle du ruisseau Clair)
31 mars
Inauguration of Municipal garage
18 octobre
Inauguration of bridge Jackrabbit The Jackrabbit bridge was named in honnor of mister Herman Smith « Jackrabbit » Johannsen. Located 500 meters upstream montée Ryan (Beauvallon bridge) and is accessible from la Villageoise-de-Mont-Tremblant (trail)
The first cohort at the Centre collegial de Mont-Tremblant
2 septembre
Inauguration of the soccer field at the park de Nos-Étoiles
2010 Announcement of a sports ground (soccer, football, athletic) artificial turf
27 octobre
Unveiling of a plaque in honor of the athlete Jasey-Jay Anderson gold medalist at the Vancouver Olympics 2010. The plaque is located in the park that bears the name of the athlete, at the corner of Labelle Street and Saint-Jovite.
5 septembre
Inauguration of the City Hall
20 août
Inauguration of Aquatic Complex Mont-Tremblant