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What can I build on my property?

  1. Determine the zone in which your property is located. To do this:
  • Click on this link: Cartographie de la MRC des Laurentides
  • Click on Mont-Tremblant
  • Search for your property by address, lot number, roll, or by using the map
  • Click on fiche d'usages et normes (uses and standards) on the tab Rôle d'évaluation (property assessment roll)

2.         Decipher your uses and standards grid. The grid has five sections:

  • uses permitted: commercial, residential, recreational, etc., and which types of businesses, residential dwellings, etc. These uses are spelled out in chapitre 3 of zoning by-law (2008)- 102
  • the specific standards for the structure of the building, its dimensions, its margins
  • subdivision, indicating the dimensions of the lots
  • the section divers specifies when a special standard applies such as a PIA, a “corridor de signature”, an integrated project, etc.
  • the notes, which gather the references that might appear higher up in the grid

With this information in hand you are ready to start the presentation of your project. If your project is not fully compliant with the grid of uses and standards, you should be aware that it is always possible to request a minor zoning variance or, in the case of non-compliant uses, a request of modification of the town planning by-laws would be necessary.

Even if your project complies with the standards of the grid, it may not necessarily be compliant with our by-laws. There are other conditions to respect, several of which exist to protect the environment, which is a treasure we must share with future generations. Here is chapitre 14 (in French) of the zoning by-law dealing with protection of the environment and the landscape.