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Map and Trail Conditions - Winter

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Report any problem on the trails via the form.    

To know all the features of the TrailHUB app, including on-map geo-positioning during a hike and notifications, follow the instructions below

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Requests and reports in the trail network

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With TrailHUB, view the maps and conditions of trails in real-time for winter sports (winter walking and snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and fatbike), including the municipal network, the Domaine Saint-Bernard and the P 'tit Train du Nord - Mont-Tremblant sector.

Visit, create your account and choose your notification preferences. You can also add the website to your cell phone's home screen to turn TrailHUB into a mobile app (instructions below).

A smartphone application (iOS / Apple and Android) is in development and will be deployed soon.

How to configure TrailHUB on your cellphone