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Promotor's information meeting concerning Vivo

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Laws and links of interest


You may consult, free of charge, the following laws on the website LégisQuébec:

Highway safety code, L.R.Q., c, C-24.2.

Code of penal procedure, L.R.Q., c. C-25.1.

Tariff of court costs in penal matters adopted in accordance with Code of Penal Procedure, L.R.Q., c. C-25.1, a. 261 et 367, par. 2º à 13º.

Act respecting municipal Courts, L.R.Q., c. C-72.01.

Websites of interest:

L'Association des Greffiers de Cours Municipales du Québec (Clerks of municipal courts)

Barreau du Québec

Ministère de la Justice