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Seasonal instructions


Street sweeping

During this period, the Roads Department will sweep the streets to collect the debris and materials which have accumulated during the winter.

The street-sweeping is done in the three hubs of the territory – Centre-ville, the Village and Mont Tremblant Resort – alternately, prioritizing the principal arteries and strategic areas.

These operations are begun as early as possible to reduce any inconvenience that street sweeping may cause to residents and merchants. The full street-sweeping operation takes two months.

The Ville requests that its residents not rake, sweep, place or blow leaves, cut grass, sand or debris on the road or sidewalks because that is an offence under règlement (2015)-125-1.

Inspection of fire hydrants and rinsing of the water system

In May and June of each year, fire hydrants are inspected and the Ville water system is rinsed out.  

When the work is being done, you may note lower water pressure and cloudy water. We recommend that you check the water before using it. If the water is cloudy or coloured, turn on the cold water and run the water until it becomes clear and colourless.

Dust suppressants

The Ville will apply dust suppressants on all gravel roads during the summer, depending on weather conditions.


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