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Open-air fires and Fireworks

Take into account the air quality

When the air quality is poor, the Laurentides Public Health Department recommends avoiding open-air fires. To check the air quality index, visit

Ban decreed by SOPFEU or the Fire Department

Obviously, if an open fire ban is in effect, an outside fire will not be permitted even if a burning permit has been issued. So, before making an outside fire, make it a habit to consult the SOPFEU website to know the risk of fire.

During an outdoor fire, certain safety measures must always be followed:

  • An adult must always be nearby.
  • Never use an accelerant.
  • Never burn tires or plastic.
  • Ensure that the fire is completely extinguished before leaving.


Firecrackers and fireworks are strictly forbidden on the territory of Mont-Tremblant.

According to BY-LAW (2022)-204, section 5.6: "it is an offence and is prohibited to cause noise from a firework, by using or permitting the use of a firework (firecracker or fireworks).