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Snow and roofs

The ice and the snow accumulated on the edge of a roof can be dangerous for persons who are walking around the building. Moreover, rain, added to the accumulated snow, as well as the warmer temperatures that melt the snow, can lead to the collapse of roofs and balconies.

It is important for owners to check whether the snow accumulated on their property represents a risk, and that they arrange for specialists to remove it if necessary. During the snow-clearing process, measures must be taken to ensure the safety of persons close to the building(s) or who have access to them.

If the snow or ice falling from a roof hurts someone, damages a vehicle or causes an accident, the homeowner is responsible.

Avoid all risks by removing snow from your roof on a regular basis.

Article 1465 of the Code civil du Québec mentions that the owner of the building is responsible for the damage caused by his or her goods, even without his or her agency.