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Safety and security

It is critically important to be well prepared for an emergency situation. This is why the Ville de Mont-Tremblant has adopted its Plan municipal de sécurité civile (Municipal Emergency Preparedness Plan), which is the responsibility of the Fire Safety Department. The role of the Plan is to ensure appropriate preparation in the event of a major disaster, actual or imminent, which threatens the life, health and belongings of citizens, seasonal residents and vacationers, and visitors.

The Plan is directed by four major emergency management principles, namely, prevention, preparation, intervention and recovery

Please take a few minutes, starting today, to prepare your family to face the 72 hours of an emergency or a range of emergencies. Take advantage of the information that follows to prepare your emergency plan and to create an emergency kit that will meet your needs.

Please don’t forget, as well, to prepare your list of emergency contact information so that you are ready for any contingency.

  • Accidents involving hazardous materials

  • Financial assistance to disaster victims

  • Psychological aid

  • Heat waves

  • Contamination or shortage of potable water

  • Rio, demonstration and crowd movement


  • Lightning, heavy or torrential rain and snowstorm

  • Forest fire

  • Flooding

  • Important linkd

  • Power failure in winter

  • Family Safety Plan

  • Municipal Emergency Preparedness Plan

  • What3words emergency services

  • Ice storms

  • Terrorism and acts of violence

  • Earthquake

  • Emergency kit

  • Windstorm