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Charging stations for electric vehicles

For more information on public charging network for electric vehicles in Québec and in Eastern Ontario, visit the Electrical Circuit website or ChargeHub map. 

  • Tourist Office

    CHAdeMO & CCS Combo
    Station CEC-00105
    **Fast-charge station
    Cost: $11.50 per hour

    5080, montée Ryan J8E 2W5

  • Complexe aquatique Mont-Tremblant (pool)

    Charging station CEA-448
    Cost: $2.50 per session

    635, rue Cadieux Mont-Tremblant J8E 2T4

  • Fairmont Château Tremblant

    Access via Valet Parking - Parking $
    Charging station CE-FM-002
    Cost: $2.50 per session

    3045, chemin de la Chapelle Mont-Tremblant J8E 1E1

  • City hall of Mont-Tremblant (parking)

    Charging station CEA-012
    Cost: $2.50 per session

    1145, rue de Saint-Jovite Mont-Tremblant J8E 1V1

  • Hydro-Québec

    Charging station CEA-414
    Cost: $2.50 per session

    365, rue Siméon Mont-Tremblant J8E 2R2

  • Parc de la Paix

    Charging station CEC-00053

    **Fast-charge station – 400 V

    Fee: $11.50 / hour

    Rue de Saint-Jovite, en face de l’hôtel de ville (1145, rue de Saint-Jovite)

  • Rôtisserie St-Hubert - Mont-Tremblant

    Terminal CEA-10031
    Cost: $1 per hour
    Maximum parking time of 2.5 hours

    330, rue de Saint-Jovite Mont-Tremblant J8E 2Z9

  • Parc Daniel-Lauzon

    Double charging station CEA-10479 and CEA-10480

    Fee: $1 per hour

    268, rue du Couvent Mont-Tremblant J8E 1K6

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