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Pesticides and fertilizers


In 2004, the Ville de Mont-Tremblant passed a bylaw governing the use of pesticides and fertilizers on its territory.

Form for a temporary permit of application of pesticide or fertilizer (in French)

Form for contractor (in French)

Pamphlet: Pour protéger l'environnement et la santé, à nous d'agir MAINTENANT! (in French)


The goal of the bylaw is to considerably reduce dependence on pesticides and to act in such way that they are only used in the event of vis major – an overpowering event or act of God- and even then, with the advice of a professional.


Application of fertilizer too close to lakes and watercourses causes intensive development of algae and degrades water quality. This is why the bylaw forbids application of organic or chemical fertilizers in the 15 metres closest to the high-water line of lakes and watercourses.

Within 15 metres to 100 metres of this line, only organic fertilizers are permitted, such as bone meal, compost or manure. Lastly, application of chemical fertilizers is permitted more than 100 metres from the high-water line. The Ville does, however, suggest moderation and does not encourage the practice.

Alternative solutions

In April 2006, the ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs du Québec (Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Parks of Québec) developed the Code de gestion des pesticides (Code for the management of pesticides).

Since that time, it has been against the law to sell or use pesticides containing twenty or so active ingredients that are among the most frequently used in Québec.