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Legal notice

The Ville de Mont-Tremblant does not guarantee that the bylaws are up to date at all times and assumes no responsibility with respect to differences that may exist between the official text and the text that appears on this site.

The check the applicable measures, please consult the official text at the Town Clerk’s Department of the Ville de Mont-Tremblant

Telephone: 819-425-8614, ext. 2315


  • Universal access

  • Alarm systems

    All alarm systems must be installed in a manner conforming to the installation standards established by the manufacturer and maintained in good working order so as not to trigger repeated false alarms.

    No alarm system may be installed and no existing alarm system may be kept in service without the issuing of a permit certifying its registration.

    The permit is not transferable. It is valid as long as it has not been cancelled. When the permit owner is no longer the user, he or she must so advise the Police Department, without delay and in writing.

    Bylaw (2006)-A-07 (in French)

    Application form (in French)

  • Animals

    Citizens are required to obtain a licence for their cat at $25 for a two year period.

    Citizens are required to obtain a license for their dog for a one year period, valid from February 1st to January 31 of the next year.

    To obtain a licence, contact the animal control officer, Robert Rochon, at 819-425-0630.

    Bylaw (2016)-149 (in French)

  • Smoke detectors

    Smoke detectors must be installed on each floor, including the basement or lower levels, and must be in good working order at all times. The smoke detectors must be installed between the bedrooms and the rest of the floor, or in the hall. It is recommended that batteries be changed every six months. For example, you can associate the time change with the replacement of the battery in your smoke detector.

  • Librairies

    Any person having a residence within the town limits of the Ville de Mont-Tremblant may become a member, free of charge, of the resource library (1145 Rue de Saint-Jovite) and the local library 1875 Chemin du Village), upon presentation of proof of residence.

    Bylaw (2014)-A-36 (in French)

  • Noise

    Making, causing or inciting to make in whatever, manner, noise that is likely to disturb the peace, tranquility, rest, well-being of a citizen, or of a type that prevents the peaceful use of property in the neighbourhood, is forbidden. Thus it is forbidden in particular to use a grass mower between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. and to make noise (music or other) between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m which is greater than the noise level of 50 dBA.

    Only the municipal council may authorize, by resolution, the holding of special activities, celebrations or festivals that will go beyond the framework of this bylaw.

    Bylaw (2003)-53 (in French)

  • Code of ethics and conduct of elected representatives and employees

    Bylaw (2014)-137 – elected officials (in French)

    Bylaw (2012)-129 – employees (in French)

  • Peddlers

    Any peddling activity not specifically authorized by bylaw is prohibited in the territory of the Ville de Mont-Tremblant. No person shall peddle without authorization by a valid permit issued by the Ville.

    All vendors must have previously obtained a license from the Police Department.

    Do not hesitate to ask sellers to identify themselves with this permit.

    Bylaw (2010)-120 (in French)

  • Tax credit

  • Delegation of power

    Concerning administration finances and delegating to certain officials the power to authorize expenses, to contract and to hire employees.

    Bylaw (2006)-A-09 (in French)

  • Demolition of buildings

  • Boat launching in Lac Mercier (fees and usage)

    Bylaw (2015)-A-43 (in French) 

  • Public domain (Occupation of public spaces)

    Unless permission or authorization is given with respect to this bylaw, no person may occupy public space by installing there or not any works, any kind of landscaping or materials, or simply installing him/herself there.

    For information, please contact the Town Planning Department at 819-425-8614, ext. 2400.

    Bylaw (2004)-68 (in French)

  • Transfer duties

  • Drinking water (use) and water meter (operation)

    This regulation sets the standards of the use of drinking water from the city’s aqueduct and applies throughout the territory. This bylaw also covers all properties served by a private water system whose drinking water comes from the municipal water system.

    Bylaw (2013)-134 (in French)

  • Fertilizers and pesticides

    The use of pesticides is forbidden at all times throughout the territory, excepting those noted in bylaw. Obtain the full information from the Environment Department at 819-425-8614, ext. 6424.

    Use of fertilizers is forbidden inside a shoreline strip within 100 metres of a lake or watercourse (stream, river). Within a 15 metre strip, the application of organic fertilizer is also forbidden.

    Bylaw (2004)-67 (in French)

  • Open-air fires

    Are allowed:

    • campfire up to a maximum of one cubic meter;
    • fire in an outdoor fireplace;
    • Chinese lanterns (under certain conditions).

    Bylaw (2018)-163 (in French)

  • Septic systems (emptying)

    The frequency required for emptying septic systems serving isolated residences on the territory of the Ville de Mont-Tremblant is once every two years for septic systems used all year round and once every four years for septic systems used seasonally, for a maximum occupation of 180 days a year.

    Bylaw (2002)-15 (in French)

  • Washing of boats

    Bylaw (2018)-159 (in French)


    To make an appointment or ask about prices, call one of the following businesses:

    PC Mécanique Sport Mobile 1270, route 117 nord 819-425-1547
    Garage Matte 1950 Chemin du Village 819-425-7969
    Lave-auto Mont-Tremblant 496 Rue de Saint-Jovite 819-425-4129
    Préservation Lac-Tremblant-Nord 454 Chemin de Lac-Tremblant-Nord 819-425-2181


  • Collection of residual matter

    Bylaw (2019)-174 (in French) 

  • snowmobiles, all terrain vehicles (AVTs) and other off-road vehicles

    This bylaw establishes the rules concernaint the use of snoemobiles, AVTs and off-road vehicles as well as where they can circulate.

    Bylaw (2002)-19 (in French)


  • Snow in the streets

    It is forbidden to throw or place snow or ice on the sidewalks, in the streets, lands and public places and in municipal watercourses.

  • Nuisances (long grass, soil, garbage, etc.)

    Constitutes a nuisance to allow grass to grow long on their property, with the exception of waterfront and natural areas, or to have putrid, dirty or contaminated water on their property.

    Bylaw (2011)-125 (in French)

  • Numbering of houses and buildings (civic or street numer)

    All owners are required to attach a civic number (street number) to their houses and other buildings. The number must be easily spotted: the height of the numbers of letters must not be less than 9 cm (3.5 inches) or greater than 20 cm (8 inches).

    The civic number must at all times be visible from the public road. If the house or building is located 30 metres or less from the public road, the civic numbers must be installed on the façade of the house or building, on a letterbox, fence or wall, but never on a tree, rock or garbage bin.

    If the house or building is located more than 30 metres from the public road, the civic number must be affixed onto a support placed or located on the edge of the public road. The support must not be a tree, a rock or a garbage bin.

    Bylaw (2016)-A-45 (in French)

  • Public peace, traffic circulation and parking

    The bylaw governs public peace, traffic movement and parking on the territory of the Ville de Mont-Tremblant. Unless otherwise stated, the Police Department is in charge of application of this bylaw.

    Bylaw (2007)-A-15 (in French)


  • Sewage releases and seprator management

  • Règlement de gestion contractuelle (in French)

  • Remuneration of board members

  • Streets and roads (Construction standards and naming

    This bylaw applies to all municipal and private roads existing and future on the territory of the Ville. An exception is made concerning the territory of the former Municipalité de Lac-Tremblant-Nord where this bylaw does not apply.

    Bylaw (2001)-18 (in French)

  • Mont-Tremblant public transit

    Bylaw (2013)-A-33 (in French)

  • Overnight parking

    From November 15 to April 1, between 2 and 7 a.m., parking is not permitted on public streets. The purpose of this bylaw is to allow snow removal crews to maintain the public roads, efficiently and quickly.

  • Fees

    Bylaw (2019)-169 - town (in French)

    Bylaw (2019)-A-59 - agglomeration (in French)

  • Taxes

  • Town planning

    To consult the town planning bylaws - click here

  • Garage sales - Weekend garage sales

    Citizens should plan their garage sales to take place on two specific dates, during the de Patriots’ Day and Labour Day holidays.

    No permit is required; however, some rules must be respected. For example, one sign is permitted of a maximum of 0.5 square metres, it must be installed on the property where the sale takes place, no more than four days prior to the sale and must be removed immediately after.

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