COVID-19: Level 3 (orange) - Alert: measures in force for Mont-Tremblant

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COVID Alert app: the 10-contact challenge

Le 21 October 2020


The Ville de Mont-Tremblant and its partners – the five hubs (or “poles”) – launch the “10-contact challenge”, whose goal is to have the greatest possible number of people download and activate the COVID Alert application. 

To achieve this, they invite the people of Mont-Tremblant and those who work there to download and activate the app, and to talk about it to at least 10 of their contacts who live in or visit the territory, so they will do the same. Employers and retailers are also invited to tell all their staff members and their customers about it. To do this, nothing could be easier: just share the link

 The COVID Alert app, developed by the Canadian government, permits individuals to be advised that they have had a potential COVID-19 exposure even before symptoms appear. The application protects your private life: it does not use GPS and does not track your position. COVID Alert, which uses Bluetooth technology, has no way of knowing where you are, or your address, or the information in your phone. 

The pandemic has had a significant impact on our eceonomic life, notably causing losses of employment in many sectors. Rapid tracing of those having had contact with infected persons is one of the key elements in the battle against outbreaks. The COVID Alert app permits highly efficient tracing, meaning that the more it is downloaded and activated, the more quickly Greater Mont-Tremblant will return to being a green zone. 

Are you ready to accept the 10-contact challenge? It starts now!

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