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Mont-Tremblant responds positively to the decision of Minister Guilbault

Le 2 February 2021

(Mont-Tremblant, February 2, 2021) – The agglomeration council of Mont-Tremblant welcomes the decision of vice première ministre et ministre de la Sécurité publique (Vice-Premier and Minister of Public Safety) Geneviève Guilbault who today authorized the abolition of the Police Department of the Ville de Mont-Tremblant. At the end of the transition period which begins following the decision, the territory of Mont-Tremblant and of Lac-Tremblant-Nord will be served by the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

This new police service constitutes, in the opinion of the elected representatives, the best option to ensure the safety of the population and provide better service at a lower cost.

“I am very relieved to be able finally to turn the page on the climate of uncertainty created by the wait for this ministerial decision. We would like to thank the minister who, by this authorization, has recognized the validity of our approach. We can now move forward,” stated the mayor, Luc Brisebois.

“I am reassured by today’s decision and I thank the minister for haing responded favourably to our request. The past year has not been easy, but it was an important decision for our communities. From now on, we will be able to focus our efforts on other challenges facing us,” stated the mayor of Lac-Tremblant-Nord, Kim Meyer.

As a reminder, the transfer will:

  • increase the number of police officers at the Mont-Tremblant police station;
  • ensure the preservation of local programs and services;
  • retain the current police station on rue Siméon;
  • allow the generation of $2 million of savings per year;
  • better meet the operational needs of an international-class destination like Mont-Tremblant;
  • ensure better consistency of police services on the territory of the MRC;
  • permit optimization of response time;
  • involve no job loss;
  • permit the offering of better career opportunities to employees of the Police Department.


“I would like to emphasize the excellent work of the management group of the Police Department who held the fort during this difficult time and to thank all the elected representatives of the MRC who unanimously supported this transfer, and in particular, préfet (Prefect) Marc L’Heureux as well as the président du Comité de sécurité publique de la MRC et maire de Montcalm (president of the committee of public safety of the MRC and mayor of Montcalm), Steven Larose. Please allow me, as well, to underline the cooperation of the députée de (member of the national assembly for) Labelle, Chantale Jeannotte,” concluded Mayor Luc Brisebois.

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