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Moratorium on all real estate development on Lac Tremblant beach

Le 16 July 2020

The municipal council of the Ville de Mont-Tremblant would like to set the record straight with regard to rumours of a real estate project on the Lac Tremblant beach called the Beach and Tennis Club. With one voice, the members of council asserted that it wanted people to know that no residential construction project would be approved for that beach.

“The Ville has always worked with developers to ensure that projects suggested are in harmony with the character of Mont-Tremblant. There are, however, places that are part of our roots and must remain intact for future generations, and the Lac Tremblant beach is one of these,” declared Mayor Luc Brisebois on behalf of all members of the municipal council. 

A development on the beach would require a zoning change as well as modification of the MRC’s development plan. The elected representatives of Mont-Tremblant are not prepared to budge: they have no intention of providing a zoning change nor of requesting a modification to the development plan to allow a real estate project to take shape on the beach at the Beach and Tennis Club

Let’s not forget that a similar request for a zoning change was refused by the current municipal council in 2018. The resolutions stated, in particular, that “the objectives of the town-plannning master plan are to preserve and enhance the vistas that show off the architectural treasures and ensure adequate space and quality in terms of recreational facilities.”

This beach is a particular gem and is part of the town’s identity and its character, of Mont-Tremblant’s signature,” the mayor added. “It is our firm intention to save it from any development. ‘Our culture is nature’ is our motto, and it’s not merely an empty phrase. The council members and I believe strongly in it and believe me, we will walk the talk.”

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