COVID-19: Level 3 (orange) - Alert: measures in force for Mont-Tremblant

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The only way to get back to being a green zone: strict application of the health safety measures

Le 30 September 2020

As the Laurentians become an orange zone, decreed starting October 1, the Ville de Mont-Tremblant along with the economic and tourism-related partners of its five hubs (“poles”) – Tremblant Resort, Mont-Tremblant National Park, Domaine Saint-Bernard, Downtown and the Village – launch a strong, concerted appeal to businesspeople, residents, employees and visitors urging them to respect the health safety measures. They also invite both residents and visitors to take up the 28-day challenge by limiting their contacts and bearing in mind that travelling between regions is not recommended.. 

The proactivity and strictness of our businesses in ensuring that distancing measures and public health instructions are respected, by both staff and customers, is of primary importance to ensure that the Ville does not slip into being a red zone and to re-establsh it as a green zone as quickly as possible. 

In addition to the familiar measures that include wearing a mask, disinfecting your hands and maintaining physical distancing, the transition to orange involves some new rules, including the following:

  • private indoor and outdoor gatherings are limited to a maximum of six (6) persons OR two (2) families (so two families are accepted even if they add up to more than six people);
  • a maximum of 25 persons for activities organized in an indoor or outdoor public place; 
  • in bars and restaurants, a maximum of six (6) persons per table; 
  • requirement that a register be kept and a ban on dancing in bars; 
  • sale of alcohol in bars ends at 11 p.m. and the bar closes at midnight;
  • shopping to be done by only one (1) person per household (recommendation); 
  • travel between regions not recommended; 
  • priority to be given to delivery or to help from friends and relatives for persons having a higher risk of complications. 

To find out what alert or zone level is in effect and what rules are in force as a result, go to

Greater Mont-Tremblant is a responsible tourist destination where public health rules are applied in line with the highest standards. A red alert would be a heavy blow to our community, as individuals and as a whole. To avoid having this happen and reverse the trend, we must successfully meet the 28-day challenge set by the government. “Let’s be vigilant to protect residents, visitors, customers and staff,” the partners remind us, with a view to maintaining the safe, welcoming character, as well as the fame, of Québec’s third most popular tourist destination. 

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