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Riot, demonstration and crowd movement

Safety advice

Exercise good judgement

  • Do nothing that would put your life or that of others in danger.
  • Call 9-1-1 to advise emergency services of the situation. Describe the situation precisely.
  • Provide assistance to those injured and comfort witnesses who are in shock after all danger is past.
  • Avoid using your cell phone so as not to overload the network.
  • Reassure your family and friends. If possible, use a landline to do so.
  • Remove children from the scene of the violence when possible and comfort them.
  • Make room for the emergency services as soon as they arrive and remain at their disposal to tell what you have witnessed.  

Be careful

  • Respect the safety instructions in effect.
  • Identify emergency exits.
  • Pay attention to your intuition and signal the security services of the premises where you are; report any unusual facts or actions that cause you to think that a malicious act is being prepared. It’s better to be wrong than to regret not having taken action.
  • Follow the directions given by the authorities when there is a threat, for example, if they require evacuation of where you are.
  • Learn how to give first aid to an injured person.