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Tips to saving

Citizens and merchants: four (4) savings that landscaping can offer you!

It is often said that the creation of a garden or the preparation of flower pots can be expensive ... but wait to see what it can bring you!

  1. The value of residential, commercial and industrial properties increases: experts are saying that if 5 % of the value of the home is devoted to quality and low-maintenance landscaping, the resale value will increased by 15%. They estimate that the market value of a single family home is increased by an average of 7% when surrounded by trees. Ask your evaluator!
  2. Plants positioned strategically around your building can reduce your heating and cooling costs! Well places, trees and shrubs reduce heating costs by up to 15% and air conditioning costs up to 50%.
  3. The shadow cast by the tree canopy on the pavement contributes to lowering its surface temperature by 20 degrees. This is a great way to extend the life of your paving and reduce maintenance costs.
  4. Citizens: grow your own vegetables and save! Choose fruits and vegetables that are easy to grow, such as cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. If the product you choose to plant is expensive, you will gain even more to cultivate it yourself!

Gardening: 7 tips to save!

  1. To water your plants, use the barrel for rainwater collection, as it provides several benefits including reducing the use of drinking water for reasons other than food. It helps reduce filtration or pumping costs of drinking water.
  2. Use compost, it’s a great alternative to nursery soil, as it provides the necessary elements for plant growth.
  3. Get good quality tools so that they are durable and you will not have to change them in a few years. The essentials: hoe, fork-spade, transplanter, secateurs and watering can.
  4. Prefer the purchase of perennials: they grow back year after year and keep the annual plants to make your pots.
  5. If it’s possible, collects the seeds by the flowers to plant them the year after.
  6. When possible, divide your plants; you will then have more plants, for less money. The Hostas, for example, are expanding rapidly and dividing them is not a problem.
  7. Finally, choose plants that are simple to maintain and observe in-store promotions.

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