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Advice for a superb floral arrangement

Here are tips to make beautiful floral compositions:

  1. Stage your arrangement: In your flowerpots, place a high plant in the middle, some flowers of average dimension all around and falling plants on the perimeter. This gives you a more voluminous composition.
  2. Gather 3 or 4 flowerpots together. You can combine your flowerpots, hanging baskets or flower boxes.
  3. Regularly remove faded flowers and cut broken stems to promote regrowth and flowering.
  4. Pass the mower! Yes, just that! You will also remove the weeds in the same time.
  5. Gather the plants in flower beds. Rather than scatter the plants on your land, gather them together. The aesthetic is much more interesting.

Horticulture is not complicated

Contrary to preconceived ideas, you do not have to possess sophisticated equipment to have a beautiful garden; just follow some easy tips in order to live a less complicate life!

Adapt your projects to your availabilities

You only have one or two hours per week to devote to your garden? Choose plants that are easy to maintain. Use perennials in your garden, a plant that survives in the winter and can live several years. So, no need to replant every year! Once summer comes, decorate flower pots can be enough to colour your front door.

Fast and simple advices

… When making the flower pots

  • Ensure that the flower pots have holes in the bottom to ensure excess water is evacuated and to prevent rot.
  • Use quality soil prepared for potting. Some soils already contain fertilizers.
  • Fill your flower pots soil to the edge.
  • If the flower pots are too small, you will have to water more often, which will soon become a chore, so do not be afraid to use big flower pots.

... When planting

  • Adding mulch reduces watering.
  • Gather plants that require the same care.

... When maintaining

  • Bin the soil twice a week.
  • Water one or two times a week.
  • Remove the dead leaves and cut the broken stems.