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Natural vs. artificial plants

Many people use plastic plants at the expense of natural plants ... Chemicals, pollution, sustainability. However, here is why it is more beneficial to acquire natural plants.

First, the floral stems of artificial plants are produced mainly in Asia, which involved the production of greenhouse gases (GHGs) during transport.

Natural plants, on the other hand, are produced regionally, which creates jobs. Production also leads to GHG emissions, but we have to remind that natural plants absorb some of these GHGs, which helps purify the air.

Another negative point of buying artificial plants is that they are less durable. The guarantee of these plants against ultraviolet rays must be monitored, because they may fade after only a year.

In addition, to hold the artificial plants in place, polyurethane foams, real chemical cocktails, are used.

In both case, the containers, that is to say baskets of metal, coconut fiber or plastics, are generally manufactured outside of Quebec.

Source : Info Fleurons, Naturelles ou artificielles?, Édition spéciale Avril 2009.2016-06-23