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Contamination or shortage of potable water

General advice

Contamination may occur following rupture of a water main, a flood, a chemical spill or the presence of blue-green algae in the body of water which serves as a reservoir for potable (drinkable) water.

A shortage of potable water may be caused by a lengthy electrical failure or by significant dryness.

What should you do when a notice of the contamination of potable water is distributed in your municipality?

Follow the instructions transmitted by the authorities. Frequently, the notice requires that you boil water for at least one minute before using it. In some cases, you should drink only bottled water.

Concerns about the quality of the water coming from your tap?

  • If you are on city water provided by the water supply system, you can contact us at 819 425-8614. Please be aware that samples are taken regularly to ensure that the water is free of risk to your health.
  • If your potable water comes from a private well and you suspect contamination, disinfect your well and have your water analyzed by an accredited laboratory to assure yourself that the disinfection was effective.

Here are the names of two recommended laboratories:

Laboratoire Bio-Services inc.
180 boulevard Morin,
Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Québec
Telephone: 819 326-8690

Géostar inc.
207 rue Principale,
Brownsburg-Chatham, Québec
Telephone: 450 33-9996

What should you do during a shortage of potable water?

Follow the instructions of the Ville de Mont-Tremblant. They will keep you apprised of the situation and of how you can obtain potable water.


Ministère de la sécurité publique du Québec